I may be wrong, but isn’t there already a law on the books that women get equal pay? This must be another gimmick that he’s using to be viewed as doing something for the women, so why doesnt he have women on his staff in higher positions and making more ? Sounds to me that he’s using this executive order to put down the Republicans and make the party look like women haters, and war on women. The president is playing politics to save the democratic party. I have never seen a president act like Obama does. He is not a president for the American people, he’s all about the Democrats running a bigger government. and doing WHAT HE WANTS YO DO, not what the American people want. The state that our country is in, ie too many people using the government for taking care of them and not wanting to work as long as the tax payers keep supporting them, and paying for THEIR free Obama phone and free food and money to buy alcohol cigarettes etc and their free health care (there’s some who truly need help). You can tell this president does not care about our country, if he did, he wouldn’t spend the hard earned tax payers money on Michelle Obamas shopping sprees, all his golf trips, all the day time and late night shows. Maybe WTP should put together a job description for the position of the president, and he only gets 2 weeks for vacation. That would save the country from the debt ceiling going up faster. We know he likes to spend the tax payers money on bull crap and give to our enemies money and weapons that you know are going to the radical fighters.  I believe that all of that will come back to us in the form of obamas malicious military from the radical Islamic fighters, the muslim brotherhood. Why is there even the slightest hesitation on refusing to allow the terrorist from Iran who held Americans hostage for 444 days. If he is allowed to be a diplomat to the UN and live in Manhattan, that is giving our enemies a front row seat to see what damage they can bring to our country. So Obama has changed the Obama care law yet again. Seems nothing like it was when presented to the American people, and as Cavuto just said it’s starting to infringe on our constitutional rights. Pelosi was part of this unlawful law by saying, ” must pass the bill to see whats in it”. How easy for her and Reid to support it, they dont have to live by it. They are rich enough to pay for any medical needs they may have. Why is the federal government exempt from this horrible law that is breaking down the middle class and forced to have and pay a horrendous premium /deductable, fine, inforced by the  IRS to take our money from our earned refund. There should be a pay freeze and no bonus for any member of Obamas fan club (administration). Anyone in Obama’ s administration who is being investigated for a variety of scandals,  needs to be on UNPAID leave and if they resign to beat having to testify which would probably put eggs on Obama and his administrations face. I bet when everything is FINALLY done on ALL the investigations of ALL THE SCANDELS, you will see Obama, Clinton, Holder, Reid, ,Pelosi, KS, LL, NSA, DOJ, HS, EAP, FEMA, just to name a few will be at the top of the guilty list and all should be fired, recall, impeached.That’s my thought today, if I think of more then I will do a new post. May God bless you and your family, and help us protect ourselves from terriost, both foreign and domestic. Good night all! And God bless American. 


This is a email response I sent to congressman Randy Forbes letter.

With due respect, I am writing to you in response to the 5 high school students who were not allowed to wear a T-shirt with the American flag on it. After the courts sided with the school and ban the student’s from wearing the flag that many have given their lives to fight for what it stands for, freedom and liberty which those sitting on the benches of our courts and those at the school would not have the freedom and liberty if not for those who gave their lives to protect your rights, freedoms, liberties. Those of another country who want to fly their flag on their day of celebration, should appreciate the fact they get to because this country believes in liberty, and freedom of expression. If the school was in fear of violence breaking out, it would not have been because those students chose to wear their country’s flag, it would have been because those of another country don’t respect what rights that have been given to them because they live in the boundaries of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Not Mexico. And fir them to have the right to fly their flag in our country and we are NOT ALLOWED to display ourflag on a T-shirt is bull crap in the highest pile imaginable. How dare thst school and court system deface our nation by banning the students from displaying AMERICAN FLAG on a shirt. The school should have told the Mexican ethnic groups that they are given the opportunity to display their flag on that day and understand that no violence will be tolerated, that the school will press charges against anyone who invokes voilance. I am so angry that foreigners and atheist can dictate on how we honor our country, religious beliefs, and constitutional rights . The fix to such issues is, this is America who live by the laws (except Obama and administration)of the land and rights given to us by our forefathers who must have known that we would need protection from Obama. You and the rest of the Republican party need to stand strong and not bend to the whims of those out to destroy this country, that means time to kick some ass, take names,deport, impeach, fire, ignore the atheist bitching about our right to express our religious beliefs and celebrate our Christmas the way we want. They too have rights, they can dislike our Christmas and our display of our religious beliefs all they want, they don’t have to say merry Christmas, they don’t have to display a Christmas tree, they don’t seem to mind having the times off from school and wotk because of our national holiday, some even take home holiday pay if they work and some get automatic holiday pay even if they aren’t at work so what are they bitching about! They dont mind the benefits that come with celebration of Christmas. So next time they want to complain, we need to hold up our hands in their faces and tell them “talk to the hand, I’m not listening to your bitching any more” end of story! I don’t like the IRS, they are criminals and steal from the taxpayers. They give themselves too much of our money to waste on the crap they claim is team building. Hell there are many family who can’t pay all their bills, put food on the table for the family, make the house payment on time if an unexpected expenses come up, like car repairs so they can keep going to work to pay more taxes, and still not get ahead. Those at the IRS can waste our money, give themselves raises and bonuses, while the rest of the shrinking middle class gets further behind because now their hours are cut and they are forced to pay for some crappie health care they didn’t want nor need, and for many not as good as what was taken away and could afford and covered what was right for them! Now getall of the Republicans together and take our country back before another revolutionary war takes place. If the Republican party does not stand up for WTP who voted you into office and you work for us, you will be fired! Now step up and take action on stopping all this bull crap that Obama and his administration is forced on to the American people and all those who do not belong here taking jobs from Americans, don’t pay taxes, they need to be deported, our veterans deserve better care and better benefits than those idiots running this country into the ground and putting us in danger from our enemies, and silence the complaints from the atheist groups. 

The plans of the President on DESTRUCTION of our country

watched the fox news coverage on Obamas speech at Brussels Belgium. Now what I got out of what he said was a bunch of bull crap. When he said that the government was taking from their people, wellll isn’t that what Obama and his cronies are doing here? TAKING FROM WTP!I also caught in his overtone that he’s not going to do anything about Russia . Remember during the campaign he was heard saying”WHEN (not if) I’m re-elected tell Putin I will have more flexibility”. My jaw dropped when he said ” my grandfather fought in
Pattons army” OMG how is that possible when they are from Kenya. Someone please verify if that is another one of his bull crap lies. Just like I still don’t believe he’s an American. Now I just heard him say “as the son of a Kenyon his grandfather was a cook in the British army” he also made reference that he lived in Indonesia so really where did Obama come from? John Bolton said Obama lives in a world of words Putin lives by strength. Yep Putin has a stronger and bigger military than we do with all the cuts Obama has/is doing, which in my opinion is not a good idea for our country. Hey! REMEMBER when Romney said Russia would be our problem and Obama said in a rather nasty tune that he was wrong.

Okay here’s another day of lies from Capitol Hill. Morell is either dumb as a rock or lying to Congress. He should be in jail along with Holder for lying to Congress that both subjects involved the deaths of Americans. He is throwing the analyst under the bus. Now how in the world with such a horrible and obvious attack and the murders of the 4 brave men, he didn’t talk with anyone in the WH about the talking points. Based on emails from the ambassador in June, July, Aug his fear of an attack on the anniversary of 9/11 and they have OBSERVED the enemy of casing their base and feared a attack, asked for additional security. Hillary denied the additional security. I believe that she even took away some of the security they had in Aug or July. When the British pulled out ALL of their people, that was a clear sign of fear of more attacks. That should have been a clear sign to pull out or add more security. This was a political move by Clinton and Obama. It has been proven that these 4 men could have been saved. This is a Hugh cover up. Morell repeatedly says the analyst is at fault. Someone please tell me how in the hell this keeps going without anyone being held responsible for these deaths, both foreign and from the White House administration. It is plain and clear this was an attack not a demonstration, and where in the hell was Clinton and Obama when this went on for HOURS and help WAS TOLD to STAND DOWN, and the generals who were fired on the spot for wanting to go help and refused to STAND DOWN? WHY HASN’T the generals been questions. Morell is showing how poorly he was a director of the CIA especially when he wasn’t looking backwards (Sept 14th) on Benghazi but looking forward. Why 12 revisions on the talking points. By what I’m hearing from Morell is there is a Big coverup from state department, NSA, FBI, CIA !!!!!
THE INTEL CMTE did not get tough enough. There could have been tougher questions. The state department is guilty of the murders of the four brave men . They did not have to die! I think it is despicable that Clinton and Obama had the nerve to apologies to Muslims and the Islamic for the”video” that caused the protest, and those trips to apologize where at the cost to the American people. Funny how all these people involved in these scandals have retired and got a better paying job, just like Morell, his new job pays him substantially more money and Hillary is tied to the company he works for. Is anyone following the money/paper trail of the company who the C.O.O. IS a close friend of Michelle Obama. The outrageous amount that the taxpayers paid for a website that never and still is not working totally. If amazon can build a website that handles millions in a day why didn’t Obama pick that website developers for Obama care. It would have worked the first time and be secured and criminals wouldn’t need to be hired to be navigators. We need a team that would be dedicated to uncovering ALL the scandals and bring to light who the guilty parties are and justice will be done to those who caused the deaths of the Americans. And make our military strong and feared again, not weak and small as Obama has made this country. WE NEED TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

who’s Racist ?

I don’t know about the general population, but I do know I’m not racist.  There are many very intelligent people who worked hard to accomplish the best life possible for them and their families. There are many people who will help anyone who truly needs help. There are many people who dress well and care about their appearance.  There are many families where both parents are together and take an interest in what their children do at school , home and activities. These children with strong family ties and constant interactive with family members are generally the good students, and not part of juvenile delinquents, gangs, and ends up in trouble with the law.

I hope you all have noticed that in what I described above does not mention race, ethnicity, color, age, no indication of racist right. Then why is it just because a person is of color and its brought to public, actions of those people,  all of a sudden it’s racist and the ones who want to make a big stink and cry racist are generally those of color. You have every color, ethnic group in the category of well-educated, doing well financially, and are very kind people, on the other hand you have the bad, the Rebellious,and the juvenile delinquent, gangs, also of color and all ethnic groups. So why does it seem to happen that when a person of color is caught for the bad things they have done and makes the news the white people are called racist. When a white person is caught for bad things and makes the news and the act against people of color, they are labeled racist,  and leaders of the colored communities like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, make a public announcement of their disapproval and call it a racist act, and in the same breath they blame the “white folks” for being racist.  But when people of color, attack, kill, a white person in cold blood, because they were bored!  Why aren’t the people who are first to yell racist, when the bad is of their color,  step up and criticize those and get on the real problem, it’s the break up of the family and lack of parenting regardless of color . They should be able to express displeasure of the action of the person regardless of color. Everyone should be concerned about the people who are from a broken family, no parenting/discipline at home, those are kids at risk who grow up and really are a problem to society, again regardless of color.  But it seems those of color and in public view like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson don’t show public displeasure when blacks do harm to whites, never seem to hear from them then. Even Obama and Holder got in on the Zimmerman and Martin case.  Obama with his statement”he could have been my son, or me when I was younger” and Sharpton, Jackson fuel the flames of racism and protests . Okay then, where were those 3 men when a white college student was murdered when he was jogging, the baby shot in the head right in front of the mother, the WWII vet beat to death while he was waiting to give a friend a ride the knock out game is usually blacks knocking out whites, but nothing being said against these actions by Obama (guess none of these could be his son, or like him), not a word from Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Why aren’t those 3 public speakers saying anything? Why aren’t these three men trying to convince the music industry to not do songs suggesting sex, drugs, murder, what about those video games that are about gangs, death, sex, why are they not trying to get just to mention those 2 major forms of brainwashing our young and giving them the vision of things to do, like in numerous games like Grand Theft Auto, which shows killing, stealing, ,which is going against the ten commandments. Why are some/most the people of color still bitching about slavery? Did they forget who rounded them up in Africa, hauled their asses over the seas, bringing them to USA and SOLD THEM INTO SLAVERY, the whites didn’t do that, the whites didn’t sell them into slavery, the whites didn’t separate the families, their own kind did. A lot of those who were bought by the plantation owners, lived better than they did in Africa, a lot of those bought from the slave sellers, ended up with properties GIVEN TO them. When slavery was abolished, who did that, a white person, not one of their own color, so with all that being said, STOP WITH PULLING THE RACIST CARD WHEN THINGS AREN’T GOING YOUR WAY! AND STOP WITH THIS CRAP that you think the whites OWE you something and needs to pay for what happened in another lifetime. I don’t believe that there is a living slave alive today, so I don’t owe you a thing, neither did my parents or my grand parents, and if you, people of color still hold century of grudges, get over it, and make you life better not bitter.and the disapproval of Obama IS NOT BECAUSE HE’S BLACK! It’s because he’s a terrible person for the position of presidency, look at all that he’s done against WTP and our country. Now does that answer the question on who’s racist?


I know it’s not on the calendar today, but every day SHOULD BE celebrated as veterans day. We should not allow Obama and his cronies disrespect the men and women who served and gave their all and as it is said ” some gave their lives”. This government wants to take away from those who have survived, and those who lost their love one’s to a war. Not just this god forsaken war but all the wars this great nation has been in for the freedom and liberties of those who were and are here at home. The humanity that we have shared and tried to bestow on other countries that needed help and protection from their enemies, we sacrificed our soldiers to protect the lives of others. This government should be giving back to the military more than any damn stupid idiotic unnecessary wasteful and servers no purpose to our safety and protection from OUR enemies. When the radical Islamic, Muslim brotherhood, taliban, show up on our front door (since government doesn’t think protecting our boarders is important) we might as well invite them in for dinner since Obama has stripped our military down to almost nothing. We no longer have the military strength we once had, we should all be mad as hell at Obama and his cronies who agree with him to make major cut backs in the numbers of our soldiers and the equipment needed to fight for OUR FREEDOM AND LIBERTIES HERE AT HOME and the budget that supports our mmilitary needs. The military service is very important to us personally and our country and they deserve the same privileges and pay as those idiots who wants to take it away from them. Obama and his crew of idiots who are safe and free today should be grateful for those who serve to protect them. In fact Obama and his crew of idiots WORK FOR US AND THOSE SOLDIERS WHO PUT THEIR LIFE ON THE LINE FOR US EVERY DAY, they need to GET OUT of office and stand on the unemployment lines, (can’t find job cause the illegal immigrants and China have the jobs) they should go without, they should lose their houses they should be cold because they can’t afford heat and they should go hungry because they can’t afford food and no they don’t get food stamps or free cell phones and free health care, they need to feel the way of life Obama and his idiots created for the middle class who have been carrying the financial load of government wasteful spending. If Obama REALLY cared for the people HE WORKS FOR, he should be the first to cut back on his and Michelle Obama’s vacations and his stupid appearances on tv talk shows. He wastes more of the taxpayers money than the IRS’ S “TEAM TRAINING CONFERENCES” and no one in government should receive pay raises or bonuses at all ! we need to stop Obama from destroying our country, just proves he’s not really an AMERICAN. Our military should have in their budget all the money Obama and his team of idiots have wasted, and given away to our enemies. Then our country would be the biggest the best if the best in the world. WTP want to take our country back!


I had to call my credit card company about two charges from the same company, same date, same amount, and I never received any procuct, nor did I order or complete any order for that company. well to make a long story as you know by now, I can tell some long ones, but when I called to dispute thoses items since I was unable to do the dispute online as it says you can. when I called after many buttons pushed on my phone keypad, I get to a human, of course I could not understand clearly what he was saying.  with the diffuculty of understanding him clearly, I asked where he was located, yep not here in the USA, but in Indonesia.  wonder if those large corporations would pay to send US citizens to Indonesia to cover the calling center, and of course the pay would be the same as you pay the locals I would guess a cost of living amount.  Did you notice that generally it is men who answer the phone.
Since NY is offering businesses 10 years of no taxes if they open, expands, or relocate, then why can’t the government tell the businesses that have their manufacturing and call centers to bring the jobs back to the USA that they will get a huge tax break that would off set the wage difference. That would bring back the pride of “made in America” and our unemployment rate would really drop, less people on government welfare, more money going back into the economy because more people are working and earing a “paycheck” not a welfare check. Change our tax structure to a flat tax, so you’ll see the”rich” will be paying their fair share. Flat tax of 10% to everyone. No more need for the IRS and their wasteful spending and undeserved bonus. None of the taxpayers money goes to any other country unless WTP vote it to be, plus do a pay cut on all the athletes that are getting more than a million a year. They are not first responders putting their lives on the line like our military warriors should get paid ALOT more than these people who go play a game. Not to take away from the hard work the athletes do but they are not protecting anyone with the sacrifice of their lives so you and I can live freely. You know some people have more money than they could/should spend in a lifetime, maybe there should be a”pot” that all that overkill in pay goes to, to help feed Americans all over the USA and cover the health cost for those who have a cure able disease. Yoo hoo the power
came back on.

important points to keep in mind when it hits the fan and people ignored the signs

I’m going to predict some things here and have sent the smoking mirrors to Hannity months ago. I’m seeing more falling in to place as predicted.  I’m not going to do the paragraph and grammar thing because I’m so angry that my thoughts keep rolling around in my head. right now I’m watching BHO speaking about Obama care.  Boy was he lying AGAIN or misleading.  He failed to say that as there are people getting health care (at the expense of others) more are losing the policies they LIKED AND WANTED TO KEEP PERIOD.  Since BHO knows better what families need than they do for their family, he called their policies”junk” and SAYS you need more for more money and higher deductible.  Oops that’s right he didn’t mention that. If he had told the American people the TRUTH of the law he is shoving down our throats he never would have won the second term and really would never had made it in the first term and the famous Pelosi dumb statement ” we must pass it to see what’s in it”. Well my opinion is WE THE PEOPLE SAW IT!  DON’T LIKE IT AND WANT TO REPEAL IT! BHO has lied to the American people from the first day he entered politics… and is still lying to the American people.  I want to know why people are not being fired in the IRS, the state department, the HHS department, chief of staff, DOJ, DOD, EPA, DHS,UN, and I’m sure if I had the time to watch all the news read all there is available in the media,  grant you it wouldn’t be from MSNBC for sure and CNN is questionable.  When I heard today that they are thinking of making some drastic changes to the military and their benefits. My hubby has dedicated 23 years in the military, (got out because of the Clintons) and 15 years as a public servant as Fireman and A.L.S. EMS. The cuts to the military are  insulting to the brave men and women who have put their lives in harms way because they are protecting your and my ass from terrorist attacks like when they MURDERED OVER 3000 AMERICANS that were going to work. Even if the one main reason we went to Afghanistan and Iraq over weapons of mass destruction,  now there are people (liberals) who blame Bush for going to war and not finding the weapons of mass destruction. Did you forget that the UN was put off for weeks, months of being able to do inspections which gave our enemies plenty of time to dispose of, bury, relocate into Syria.  Did you forget that there WERE TRAILERS WITH TRACES OF THE CHEMICALS TO MAKE A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION! !!. Now that BHO has given the right to have regulations over America on whether we go to war with a country or not. Now BHO is putting us in horrible debt 13 billion dollars a year to Afghanistan,  the money that goes to the foreign aid policies to Muslim countries need to STOP put that money back into OUR military.  Oh yes do not let them bring those terrorist to the USA from gitmo!  All the liberals will scream civil rights. .bull crap on that,  they are not citizens of the USA and it is war crimes against the USA that’s what they are there for. There is a underlying reason BHO is lenient with the muslim countries, even those who publicly announce their hatred for Americans,  and now they are openly killing Christians.  Obama is happy that Afghanistan is not signing an agreement for OUR military to stay past the 2014. That will be his out for releasing close to 200, 000 active military soldiers. That is his way of weakening the strength of our military so when he’s ready to take over with his Muslim army, whuch include FEMA camps, Google that! And how the EAP is going to have an impact on bringing in the Muslims. Look who Obama wants running the EAP?  WHY did they and fema (I believe they are on the list too) with homeland security and a couple other departments who purchased billions of rounds of ammunition after his gun ban attempt of rewriting the constitution to serve his wants failed. Now these departments have no business purchasing this outrageous amount of ammunition.  That is another one of his ways to disarm Americans from protecting themselves from his reign. Also the purchase of all this ammunition was also taking away from the military purchasing power,  again he wants to weaken our military here at home.

Did you hear that the NFL is banning a rifle commercial but they show cars, beer, phones. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people so when they show drinking beer then drive a car and text while drinking and driving,  that KILLS so are they going to ban phones, beer, cars from our daily lives?  THOSE 3 things kill people,  in fact I think more people die in car accidents than being killed by mentally disturbed people.  Maybe those Dr’s whose patients they prescribe those drugs with very bad side affects, and knowing these people were a danger to the public and themselves be held in part of the crime.  I would think the Dr and patients relationship should not be silent in these issues, people’s lives would be saved. Also people would not have died at the fort Hood and the DC naval base if the people who are on the base and wear the uniform of the military carry a gun all those killed in most cases would still be alive. Now in most of the crime ridden cities by gangs, like in Chicago,  most are known by the police department,  that’s who they need to cracked down on, not the law bidding American who needs to protect family and self from harm and I see the coming of a tyrant government coming to disarm the American people.  Our constitution was written to be fair and protect the American people from a tyrant government which is Obama’s plan.

This crap about the secrets on Benghazi,  we all know Obama and Clinton let those men die a horrible death.  The way they treated our ambassador after the attack, how they disrespected him on what they did to his body after they murdered him.  I have a question,  why were 2 generals fired, released from duty because they were NOT going to stand down and wanted to save all those people . who made that decision.  The state department KNEW that there was danger and still REFUSED to supply additional security.  That to me is premeditated murder of everyone involved in electing NOT to supply additional security on the obvious attack that was going to happen on the anniversary of 9/11. I’ll get back with more when I finish taken care of the animals.  So until I return, I hope I have given you food for thought and to do something about it. WTP need to stand strong and together on taking back our country before WTP end up on the poverty list and being run and told what to do by a dictator. We are better than Greece and Egypt and those other countries run by dictators.
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Ok everyone check these out. these are a must see everyone.

I could do a major rant and rave on these subjects, well I kinda did already to some degree in my previous posts. here’s a bit of tidbit on one of the books “
Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack
by Marc Thiessen
Few Americans know of AL Qaeda’s 2006 plot to hijack seven American passenger jets and blow them up as they crossed the Atlantic. Fewer still know that this was just one of many post-9/11 terrorist plots that were foiled thanks to information obtained by waterboarding the captured 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (“KSM”). Yet, immediately upon taking office, President Barack Obama began to dismantle this vital program, and released reams of documents describing the techniques used to interrogate KSM and other high-value terrorists — claiming that such techniques not only constituted “torture” but were also ineffective. While Obama’s release of these documents has done enormous damage to our national security, it has also make it possible to prove that he is wrong on both counts”.

Okay women, I am back on these commercials that think we are stupid consumers, (sometimes we have to prove to ourselves that it is all bull crap) have you seen the one with Diane Keaton? and when they show a face smoothing on this stuff it is not her face but a YOUNG girls face that has never seen a wrinkle, and then when it goes back to her it never shows a close up lol guess they couldn’t really hide her wrinkles enough for someone to pay as much as it cost. I am so tired of seeing all these wrinkle makeups and creams and the models they use never had wrinkles in the first place!!!! There are so many commercials that are down right misleading and false, and you know they are directing them to women our age (late Fifties, graduated in 1969) because most of the women in our age group are better financially to purchase the items at a ridiculous price. EVER wonder how much profit each individual package of these products bring to the companies. What I would like to see is the bottom line of profit for each of these companies and if they make over 5 million after all next years operating and growth expense is budgeted I would like to talk to them about donating some of those profits to Heaven Scent Rescue Org so that we may help many people and animals live a happier and in some cases a healthier life for as long as they want to be involved with our programs designed to make a difference in the lives of many, and to make it possible for the organization to expand to other states, and be able to help as many as we can. To make it possible for us to continue and expand in any area that can accommodate a facility that we need. oops sorry I went off on a roll there, but see how many of these companies can make a difference that could have the butterfly effect to the world, that is my American Dream.

When Obama was running for president, I was right about him and what would happen to the USA if people were dumb enough to vote for him!!! that includes the blacks too. Did anyone get the point when his Reverend of 20 years said the racist things he did? did anyone catch the point of Obama saying he was Muslim? Now’s the time people, that we get our act together and start standing up for whats right for AMERICA and her Citizens, not the ones who just stop in to cause a burden on the rest of the hard-working blue-collar tax payer that cant get the same kind of financial support and assistance as the NON AMERICAN CITIZENS that seem to drop in when ever they want and we keep letting them in!!! time to let Miss Liberty step down on her welcoming the terrorist in and any other foreigners who don’t like their country, time for them to fix their own problems for a change, if they need help okay then we send in the “group” who can teach them to GROW their food, to farm to build to do what ever they need to survive in the country they live in. now if they want to leave, then go somewhere else for a while cause the AMERICAN DREAM is no longer, not if we keep going the way we are. I know the AMERICAN DREAM isn’t working for me and my family! I guess we are the wrong color and ethnic group. Hey has anyone seen that public announcement by the first lady pitching for donations for the Haiti earthquake victims? I did and I am still waiting for her public announcement for the earthquake victims in Chile, oh wait, what color are they? Chile’s earthquake was much worse than Haiti. AGAIN I want to state “I am not a racist” it seems more black people are racist, they whine the most, and the first to cry racist, but their actions here lately are more racist it seems since Obama got elected. I wonder how many Blacks are embarrassed by Obama and what he is doing since they voted him in. I think this history making 1st black to make presidency is making some bad decisions for this country, but this is just my opinion .


Ladies, have you noticed those commercials that are tying to convince you that their product will get rid of your cellulite? and the girls they use to show how it will make your legs look with using their cream, hell those girls don’t have a bit of body fat at all on them and they have perfectly smooth thighs. I bet those thighs never saw one bump of cellulite. 

I love those facial creams that show a nice smooth face, and the wrinkles not there, and the cream is a anti wrinkle cream, well the ladies don’t have wrinkles to begin with! grant you there are some that are in their 3Os with a little wrinkle, and when they show the close up you can still some very faint wrinkles that s what they had to begin with.  ‘

I just love those make up commercials too, I don’t care what they say, unless you have a professional makeup artist to apply your makeup everyday,  you can never get your face to look so flawless as they show on TV.

 with HD I have seen some really bad makeup jobs on my soap opera. just like the other day on GH when Donta is in the hospital from gun shot wound, they had to make his natural dark complexion look pale LOL, I think they used that new “roll on” foundation and didn’t smooth out the edges, you could see the perfect line over the bridge of his nose and his forehead. really poor makeup attempt.

have you noticed that after they show a fattening meal like fried chicken, hamburgers and fries, that after those they show a commercial on Health! now who scheduled those commercials, seems like the fat food company would differently complain!

I am guilty of not reading the label, was in a hurry at the store and saw this package of Pita Chips, whole wheat, no trans fat, and baked. they are very good too, of course after I finished off the bag after several times of eating, I read the label, and it says 7 chips = 110 calories, well damn that’s not very good, the chips are maybe 1″ by 1″ in size and I can only eat 7 for 11 calories, my bad, I should have read the back and not go on what the front says, otherwise I would not have bought them if I was concerned about my weight. has anyone been looking at the back before buying something that makes the front look like it would be healthy snack. I bet not, especially when the front is what they expect you to use as your choice to purchase the product.

why do we have three credit reporting agencies? they don’t all match, they give different scores, have different comments. who said we should have 3? is that because in case we don’t like what ones says we have the other to look at. PEOPLE WAKE UP having 3 reports, and 3 different scores seems to me to make it worse for the consumers. when I have tried to file a dispute with all three agencies, one makes the correction while the other either does nothing or says no evidence to support the dispute, well then how in the hell can one make a change, one does nothing, and the other can get the same answer for the dispute. I think that is a crime almost as bad a identity theft! one can screw up you life with incorrect info why make it 3 times worse! especially when companies don’t report to all three, if they did then all three should say the same thing.  companies who report to the credit reporting agencies should all agree to report to ONE and use ONE to determine someones creditability. that way consumers have less chance of anyone getting away with theft identity. we pay someone to get our credit REPORTS and our SCORES and monthly alerts, well why do i get alerts one one credit agency of a change but no alert from the other two, why not, so who’s the big screw up on this? who can i file a formal bitch too? seeing as how these bureaus can cause me not to get a business loan!!!!! when the all say something different and they all three have different credit score, not all three have responded and made the corrections to my credit report either.

that’s it for today, see ya next posting.



I HAVE A DREAM too!   (I want to apologize for any repeat comments or issues, must be ones I am very passionate about and I will always take about my dream and what I want to do until someone gets tired of me bitching about it and helps me with the financing  so I can start bragging about all the great things we are doing? 

What has happened to our country? Why so many people who make more money than a person needs to live financially comfortable, are being caught stealing our, the taxpayers money, stealing money from families who have to live from paycheck to pay check. Families who do not have health insurance for their children, and cannot afford it, cannot afford dental for their family. Yes, I am sure most of you know whom I am referring to. Here is a hint. The automakers, the banks that are getting the bailout help,

Myself and some of my friends are having mortgage issues and we can’t seem to get that help that this government gave out, us, the hard working tax payer who is the one footing this “bale out” to the banks. Here is a thought! Why don’t the taxpayers decide how our taxes will go to “bale out” the banks, and auto corporations, better yet! why not tell the banks and mortgage companies to take everyone’s past due and move it to the end of the present mortgage, so in most cases the mortgage would be extended four months, and remove the negative payment history so everyone’s credit score goes back up. People can get back to ending this recession we allowed those BIG WHITE COLLOR CRIMINALS to put us in. I don’t know about most of you but I am sure there are other people who feel as I do, and are very upset that we have to carry the financial load that other people decide where our money goes and our jobs.

We, my husband, and I are part of the group that needs the bale out help; my son needed it, could not get it, and lost his company (custom home-builder) and his credit rating. A couple of my friends, who one of them lost their jobs, and are in foreclosure. When they ask the mortgage company for help, like what I suggest in the above paragraph, all they got was a no on moving the past due to the end, but increased their mortgage payment on what they called a repayment plan, hog wash! I say to that. Where is the help for those who need it and have been taxpayers all their working lives? And are citizens of the USA.

But yet we have people coming from different countries, and I think we the taxpayers make it so they get money to start a business, get a home, food, which I noticed any job openings they create usually goes to another person who does not speak very good English and is not a native of the USA. Did they start their business with a credit score and credit report to show their history of consumerism? Therefore, question is why my credit info is so important and a decision maker on if I get a business loan, home equity, re-finance, especially when the business property we want to purchase would be collateral. I also have a business plan, that every one that has reviewed it says it is very detailed, can tell I put a lot of time in it, it is well done. The person who is neither a citizen, nor a native to this country seems to be able to get a business loan, funds/housing when they first get here, and do not have a credit report or credit score, and I have heard, they don’t pay taxes, now that’s what I heard. Hey ladies, did you ever notice that when you go into the “nail salons” that the ethnic group that owns that business doesn’t’t accept checks or credit cards, only the green works. I believe that’s why they don’t pay taxes, they don’t account for all that cash they take in daily. That is just one observation of mine.  

I have a dream/goal I will f   accomplish, one that I set for myself when I was a little girl full of hope and ideas. I finished one of my goals relating to the industry I was in for 20 plus years. I have had another career that I really enjoyed but had to make a very tough choice to stay where I was at a job I loved and keep living at a place that allowed me to have horses, dogs, cats, and goats, deer, wild turkey, prong horns. I was living a lifestyle I have wanted all my life, to be surrounded by horses and other animals that God created for us to live harmoniously amongst, and be witness to such beauty created for those who take the time to notice what beauty is before them. Back to my goal. It is to save horses and animals from cruel and inhumane conditions/owners. To educate the public on what goes on behind closed doors at the slaughterhouses (both livestock and horses), puppy mills,

My dream , I HAVE A DREAM too, consist of starting a small business that would have job opportunities for the community the facility is located. I plan on having this dream built in as many states as I can over the years. What I do not build, my children will continue for me. it would help the handicapped, our mental and emotionally challenged, it will help the juvenile delinquents, it will help the elderly, and our military wounded warriors.