Watched the race last night and the Republicans take control. BHO, watch out! Your not going to have Harry Reid file 13 all the bills that the Republicans have submitted. Your phone and pen will no longer work, and the check book is no longer yours! Guess that means less golf for you, and you and Michelle can’t take separate vacation using the tax payers money for using airforce one unnecessarily. Now we will be safer because the borders will be secured, however, I think BHO will pull out his last chance of changing the world, by turning ISIS LOOSE in America. He still unfortunately has 2 years left to accomplish his plans for destruction, but with the win for the Republicans it will be harder. Now with new Republicans, some having military background which is a major plus for our country. Our military will get back to the strength it was before BHO.
I wish I could be a fly on the wall during BHO meeting with his NEW Senate and expand control of Congress. I bet Michelle is really pissed! Oh well, you had it your way for 6 years and this will help end this ” racist” blame for not liking the way you and your hubby was hell bent on destroying America, and causing such a racial separation and uprising. BHO with Holder kept putting fuel to the flame causing a lot of racial separation. BHO and Holder should have been just the opposite, because they are black and hold 2 very important positions of this great country. Anyone wondering why Holder resigned so quickly and early? I am, and think there’s some trouble he’s trying to get away from to avoid jail time.
It’s going to be interesting on how the new controlling party can get bills passed and not vetoed by a racist Muslim.

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My friend Abdul Rahman Kassig was kidnapped by ISIS. Here’s his story.


More information about how terrible the ISIS ARMY is and how they don’t care about anyone who doesn’t believe as they do

Originally posted on Hummus For Thought:

The following is a story written by Erin Cory about her friend Abdul-Rahman Kassig, formerly known as Peter Kassig, who has been held by ISIS since October 2013 and has been recently threatened with death.

With Peter, June 2012.

With Abdul-Rahman in Lebanon, June 2012.

I admit I have been stalling on writing this entry since Joey generously offered it to me last week. By now, we have all read about Abdul-Rahman Kassig, born Peter Kassig, and his plight in Syria at the hands of the so-called Islamic State. I have read perhaps thousands of words by reporters and people like me, who are his friends. But the truth is, the shock of seeing him in this situation, the pain of witnessing his family’s fear and grief, has taken my breath away and with it, the words to make sense of what is happening.

Tonight, for the first time, I feel as though…

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Could this ebola be the beginning of weapon of mass destruction?

First question is why would DOD be involved in the vaccines research? Second question is why wouldn’t the director of the CDC ANSWER THE QUESTION of who is telling him what to say. Third question is, why this time is BHO NOT GOING ON A FUNDRAISING TRIP, and who is on the WH visitor log prior to the house subcmte hearing? Forth question is, did Mr Duncan who died of ebola and brought this deadly virus here and died, did he have a terminal illness before he brought this germ here? If he did, whose to say that an offer was not made for him to be a mule To carry the virus back to Texas knowing he was going to die anyway and that his family would be taken care of for him to be the mule. Hmmmmm isnt that a possibility? I would not put that past BHO considering he isn’t taken his fundraising trip cause this could back fire on him if he was gone. And why isnt the director of CDC and BHO NOT IMPLEMENTATING A BAN ON FLIGHTS FROM WEST AFRICA COMING HERE. another thought I have on ebola hitting Texas before anywhere else like NY, NJ, flights from west Africa land there too, is Gov.Perry and BHO are not on best of terms. Gov. Perry is pretty insistent on securing the borders to STOP all illegal immigrants from entering the USA at our south borders and BHO isn’t doing anything but leaving the borders open so all those 60, 000+ could come in, which now the parents of all those kids will come in along with ISIS. He knows those illegal immigrants will fight with him when he calls Marshall law on the citizens of the USA. Sounds far fetch doesn’t it.? But isn’t it also a possibility that it is part of BHO plan to destroy America. Now if you are a ISIS fighter and lived in Iraq or Syria or Afghanistan, and you had a chance to live in America under the black flag flying on the WH(which BHO has said nothing against that promise ISIS made), wouldn’t you rather live in a more beautiful and fruitful country than in a baron desert country. Something to consider as a possibility isn’t it.

With those questions thrown out there, doesn’t it show that very strange things are happening the way they are ? The 2nd health care person who was part of the treatment of the 1st ebola death here, is now infected and was allowed to fly to another state on a commercial flight, and she was already running a fever, AND she asked the CDC if it would be okay to travel on a commercial flight to another state that had children on that plane that could have touched the surface of something that the infected nurse touched that the germ would be active for several hours! I’m a little ticked at Shepherd Smith on Fox to say that we should not worry or be concerned about ebola and that there is no outbreak, well Mr Smith it hasn’t been 21 days yet that all those people who were on that flight to show anything, and IF 1 person touched anything that the infected nurse touched they stand a chance of getting the virus as well as Mr Duncans flight which his infection was further along and how many people could have been infected just by his traveling to Texas. Sweat is body fluid, coughing is body fluid which in a plane is cycled through the air as would a sneeze, and if these 2 nurses got infected by being with Mr Duncan what’s the chance that the people on his multiple flights aren’t contagious and passing on the deadly virus.

I find it very very interesting that BHO always seems to leave to go play golf or fundraising (FOR THE DEMOCRATS ON THE REPUBLICAN TAXPAYERS MONEY) so why doesn’t he split the funds he raises since Republicans also paid for him to go on his trips. Half that money needs to go to the REPUBLICANS campaigning.

Back to the point I’m trying to make , I find it strange that BHO is not leaving the house and canceled his fundraising trips during this (not) ebola crisis. When it didn’t stop his golfing and fundraising when ISIS is cutting the heads off if Americans, when the IRS (NOT EVEN A SMIDGEN) scandal erupted, or for the funeral of a General that was murdered in Afghanistan, or helping our Marine suffering from PTSD after serving in Iraq get out of a Mexican jail for making a wrong turn, but holds a rather touchy Feely rose Garden press conference for a deserter after he turned loose 5 major players in the killings of our soldiers WITHOUT discussing it with Congress first which he is required to. Again he breaks the law, how about when the launch of the website for Obama care flopped, how about the (still investigation) of Bengazi murders and cover up, the red line drawn in the Syria crisis which they crossed and he did nothing, what about the fast and furious where a border officer was murdered by a weapon that HOLDER GAVE (and lied to congress and still nothing for his contemp charges) to the cartels. Wouldn’t even visit the boarder in Texas as thousands were coming across illegally, he did nothing nor would visit the border where there are cases of serious illness that some border patrol officers have contracted, plus now many states are having a financial burdened due to the kids coming in illegally and have to be supported by the taxpayers. Take that money and send them all back to where they came from. Put them on a bus and drop them off in Mexico, then let Mexico decide what to do with the ones who came in from South America through Mexico.

Will someone prove to me that there’s no possible way that BHO is not guilty of anything I’ve brought up. Prove to me that he’s not part of the ebola weapon of mass destruction, that he had nothing to do with the cover up or part of the murder of the 4 men in Bengazi when they could have been saved, tell me he had absolutely nothing to do with the fast and furious, that he is not part of this ISIS growing in strength and size. Someone prove to WTP THAT BHO is a honest and law bidding constitutional following president, prove to WTP that he follows the law of the land and doesn’t sneak in laws hiding in the Obama care that would give a corrupt administration rights that would destroy American lives. Someone please prove to me that I’m wrong about my thoughts on things I have blogged about. After you read ALL my blogs prove to me where I’m wrong!

my thoughts as a concerned American Citizen

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What the h@% l is going on here people, Really !!! Ebola in the USA now ISIS taking over Hit

You must read this! !!


now if both of these don’t wake you up you must be on heavy drugs.

Here’s more info that most Americans haven’t looked up

This is just the start of what will give him the right as he wrote into Obama care Marshall law . Ebola will be another start of the citizens unrest. Here’s a quote that should be taken seriously: Why do you think Obama passed his Executive Order – the NDAA? Section 1021 gives the Federal government the power to act as Dictators and arrest any American citizen without warrant and indefinitely detain them in offshore prisons without charge and keep them there until “the end of hostilities”.
I’ve tweeted links to the picture of the caskets that BHO spent billion dollars on and sitting in FEMA CAMPS.
Have you ever noticed when “FLU SEASON” starts and (a season?) That there’s usually an area effected, not all over the USA, plus there’s a new string of the flu each year. my thought on that is CDC can’t be trusted because they design and create these viruses. So Ebola is now the new threat, if that doesn’t work then the unrest of citizens about his lack of leadership against the threat of ISIS hitting us here in the USA. Does anyone remember his promise of changing the USA AND the world in 2007? I know I’m repeating some of these points but I can’t express enough that this man is a major threat to the American citizens. When, not if, ISIS gets here which they already are since BHO refuses to secure our borders . ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS TAKE OUT OUR ELECTRIC GRID LINE which would be so damn easy because there’s no one guarding any of our relay plants. This would be a perfect job for our military to do instead of standing in the unemployment lines, or going to a country that is not something thousands of our military soldiers need to be. CDC AND HEALTH SERVICES are the ones to be there to wipe out the spread of this dangerous virus, not the military,

Gonna jump on this subject for just a little because it is important on how the racist issue has become a real problem and will get worse with the help of the social media CNN AND MSNBC which they have a one tract mind, because the people who depend on those two channels for news are unfortunately uneducated and misinformed on what’s real. Can you believe that crap that’s going on NOW over another black punk that caused the officers to do what they are taught to do. Now if someone shot at you, would you shot back in fear that you could die and you have a husband/wife and children at home waiting for you to come home. These blacks need to stop being so ignorant about who’s really the bad guy! Grow Up and act like an intelligent adult not some idiot showing the public how dumb you really are. You want to be treated with respect, well you have to earn it just like anyone else . I just had to get this in, but notice you’re not seeing too much on this because it was plain and simple that the punk shot at the police officer first, so that’s not going to cause a racial riot for the media to go nuts over and fuel the flames like they did over the Brown killing which he was a bully and punk also. The truth will come out on that and that’s gonna piss off the blacks in Ferguson.

Now on to my favorite subject. .. BHO! Okay more showing of his plan to destroy the USA, by not closing the borders and banning flights coming into USA from W. Africa. If we don’t have a vaccine for Ebola why are we allowing potential carriers into the USA. We are not banning flights because BHO wants American people to die. Plus by sending the thousands of our military there who are untrained. Now why are we sending military there except for them to catch the virus where there is no vaccine nor the proper facilities there unless you. ……. yep bring them back to the USA to spread it. That also makes our strong military weaker buy lowering the numbers even more. He keeps cutting the number of our military branches which puts these men and women on the unemployment lines but more important to BHO it lowers the number eligible soldiers to fight HIS ISIS army that as they said they will fly the black flag over the WH. ohhh yes BHO wants to keep his campaign promise to get our military out of the war over in Iraq KNOWING what would happen! ….geee who’s taking over Iraq today hmmmmm yep his boys in black. My hubby is in Afghanistan and the neighborhood is getting more aggressive towards the base.
I could go on and on about the obvious signs of BHO’S plan to destroy the USA and the eradication of American citizens who are against him and his dictatorship. I have been telling several people at Fox news for over a year now and I think Lt. COL. Ralph Peters is very close to seeing what I’ve been warning people about what’s happening right in front of them. Has anyone heard BHO say anything against ISIS warning that they will fly the black flag over the WH? Why is he sending in helicopters knowing that he is putting everyone on them in harms way, a sure death for these people since his lack of urgency to wioe out ISIS and stopping them from taking over 3 Iraq army bases filled with our weapons that will take out the helicopters. They could also launch chemical weapons with the artillery they captured. How about this dangerous deal BHO and Kerry are making with Irans nuclear power? More for Americans to consider obvious way to wipe out Americans. I don’t think I can make it any clearer to Americans we are in danger and you must be ready because it’s going to happen in less than a year, especially if Republicans win the seats needed to take back the Senate and house which would be bad for BHO. These are my thoughts on things happening in and to America.
BEWARE! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. I truly hope I’m wrong , but I’m not.

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Blue Turban = blue berets of the UN. One world order, army = world destruction.Nostrodamus and the Blue hat prediction
Look this up and you’ll see even more of what I’ve been telling Hannity, OReilly, Huckabee, and others at fox news for over a year!. BHO wants the UN to run our military and what the hell for, and why are we sending our military to Liberia for the out break of ebola? I know why, they catch it, they die, those who survive can’t fight against ISIS. Well well Holder’s going away, finally, is he doing this to avoid going to jail himself?For contempt to Congress over this fast and furious which he lied to Congress about and covering for BHO.So much for leader of the justice system he was the director of. We lost a brave border patrol officer, doing his job. I think Holder is going to be working in the back ground for BHO and his ISIS group, and when BHO declare marshal law like all the past dictators ,he’ll be the liaison between UN and ISIS! THATS MY PERDICTION!” I had helo’s fly over my place last night and low more than once. You know they can spread ebola to anyone anywhere anytime. Capt chuck Nash ret. Navy….I think he’s on BHO payroll. NEWS FLASH !EBOLA IS IN HI WHERE OUR PACIFIC FLEET IS! THEY GO UNDER QUARANTINE can’t leave to go fight now is his chance to enforce Marshall law. Did you know that he put in the Obama care that he can enforce Marshall law enforcement and can have the UN run the military. People, we are the cattle being led to slaughter if we don’t stop this NOW . Funny how all of a sudden ebola is in the front of the attention, and how it’s getting into this country and Hawaii! Why hasn’t CDC declare a national concern and stop all flights coming in to our country. I wonder if this person who brought ebola in to the USA since he lied to the Liberia travel officials that he lied about being in contact with ebola. Wonder if one of BHO CDC cronies made a deal with this person since he’s from Africa. Wonder if he has a terminal illness that he’s going to die from anyway and was promised that his family would financially be tsken care of. I know that some people may think I’m nuts but I have a gift given by God that I can tell what’s going to happen, how people are going to act/handle situations in their lives. Ask my hubby and my kids and they will confirm I do have that gift. And I have a very strong feeling about things I have tried to get people to see what’s BHO s plans are. I knew right from the beginning when I first saw him campaigning that he would mean trouble to this country and I told my friends who said they were voting for him, I tried to warn them but they voted for him anyway, NOW they wish they hadn’t. I know there are some Patriots out there that see what I see and have predicted. And I told my kids that if anything happens to me out of the unusual to look to the government for the death, to keep me from being heard. Those of you who are on the same page of our history with me must be seeing how BHO has speeding up the take over of the USA. Notice you don’t hear from Reid or Pelosi here lately, AND HOLDER resignation out of the blue and the director of SS in 1 day, but yet nothing happening to the IRS! BENGHAZI! BORDER SECURITY! That’s just a few, what about the administration buying billions of rounds of ammunition when their gun control didn’t work. There is so much more I want to share but I have errands to run. These are just my thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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What’s it going to take ?

Well well it seems that things happen after I mention it. Like the bombing of the oil fields, still not hitting the refineries, that would put a big hurt on ISIS fininaces if we hit the refineries not the wells.I figure that ISIS has made enough money that would get the USA out of debt, take the check book from Obama!
Now think about this……. we bomb the oil wells, a few, but ISIS can still makes money cause the refineries are still working. Also think about this…… as long as they have been making millions per day, they should have enough of a bank roll to keep them going for a long time, plus they are still making money. Now doesn’t it look as though that the bombing has been selective bombing that does not cause much of a damage that would be putting them out of business, and why are we only bombing at night and not during the day when they are working and moving around before they can move into people’s homes? What we are doing right now? We should be bombing them on a constant basis so there’s no way they have a chance to move around. Now they are pissed and announce they are going to bomb subways in London and in NY.That’s gonna prove what I’ve been warning about. Hannity and Megan Kelly you need to be watching your back, judge Jeannie you too, be ready cause you are not the friends of Obama and his administration. !
When I heard Holder is resigning today I did cart wheels I was so happy to hear 1 down more to go,the ball has started rolling. figure he’s going to whine about being picked on because he’s black, going to play the racist card and I bet Obama will chime in on that racist card too, but I’m betting that there’s been some new evidence coming up against Holder, like Nixon, resign first.Like Holder said in 08 or 09 about he and Obama being picked on because they are black, which we know is a pile of bull crap. If we were so racist then tell me why in hell we gave 3 most important positions held in this government to be held by blacks!Doesn’t that contradict what he says.If we were of a racist “coward nation” (as Holder called the USA)then how would these black corrupt people get into such high positions? There are many many black people that are well educated, raised by a single parent in a poor neighborhood and still had enough respect for themselves to not fall into the “N” categories.I truly think the only reason Obama was voted in, in the first place is because the black population wanted to be part of making history, or didn’t pay attention when he said in 07 while campaigning in fla. That he will make a change in this country and make a change in the world!Well he is isn’t he, for the worse, and with help of Holder, Sharpton, one change was to divide our nation by color and politics. My opinion is the 2nd time he was voted in was rigged cause Romney was ahead most of the day till the last 30 min of the election, wow I was shocked when I saw the change in the way the voting went just in the last hour.I think the system was hacked, because there’s no way that there’s that many stupid uneducated people to vote, although there was one black woman who talked about getting the free Obama phone plus she voted twice! Yep she admitted that on tv after the voting was done, now was any legsl action taken against her, or why wasn’t the black panthers removed from intimidating voters. Yet Holder and obama are fighting the ID proof before allowed to vote.now what’s wrong with that? When you register to vote at that time a picture is taken just like a drivers license. There’s not a thing wrong with requesting proof of identity and citizenship before being allowed to vote in a election and for anyone who already has a voters card should be requested to replace it with a new picture ID and no its nothing against color or age or financial stability, it would be free and there are ways to get the elderly, the poor, anyone who needs assistance to get to a DMV office to get their new voters ID! especially when its for the commander and chief of the USA. It is going to be very interesting on how and who will get the position that Holder totally disrespected.
Noticed how the news of Michelle Obamas best friend who was a big wig of the company that was suppose to build the Obama care website,and see how much more they billed us ,WTP, more money to fix their mess,why in the first place was the job of building something so big as the Obama care website not given to an American company, ohhh yes cause they weren’t friends of the Obamas and would give a kickback. I would like to know that since Pelosi said “pass the law then we can see whats in it, now we saw whats in it, we don’t like it why cant we vote it out since it was presented and sold to us under lies and deception, anyone look into the possibility of a kick back? Nope,he went to Vegas…seems he always leaves the house during the news breaking as a new scandal comes to surface. I want to apologize for bouncing all over the place, there’s just so much to “uncover” and I need to put down as the thought comes to mind before I forget to bring it up.
Here’s something to read and there’s more info on this but here’s a start cause we are getting closer to this than Americans know, beware!
http://www.altnews.info/192/fema-concentration-camps/ and check out this one too http://tellmenow.com/2014/05/obama-quietly-orders-one-billion-dollars-worth-of-disposable-fema-coffins/ now there are some serious questions about this, my hubby and I saw over a year ago, around the time of the government trying to take our 2nd amendment rights away, the showing of trains carrying caskets and body bags by the millions, what would that be for? Remember it took over 10 years for OBL to organize and implement the disaster of Sept 11 2001 after the attempt in 1993 to take down the towers, this time he succeeded his quest on 9/11.
I’ll write more of my thoughts later, I must leave, I’m meeting my daughter to have dinner with her to celebrate her birthday. And I talk to my children every chance I get to educate them on the happenings today and to prepare for the worse that is about to happen to our great country if we stand by and do nothing to protect to protect her and our freedom!
Just my thoughts!

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Our country is in DANGER.

It’s time America wakes up and sees what is happening to her. It’s up to WTP to protect our selves and our families. Sooooo our “commander and chief aka the imperial one” gave his command to do the air strike in Syria! But we have to “call ahead” to let them know we would be bombing in their country only to be bombing empty buildings. Does anyone else see that ISIS was given a heads up by their leader! We know who that is! Now think about this. Notice Obama is not doing anything with closing our borders, did you hear that ISIS has a group just inside the Mexican border outside of El Paso. Just a few feet from our back yard. Notice how Obama isn’t doing anything about taking back the oil fields from ISIS which gives them the financial wealth to build a bigger army? Yep a army that I believe reports to our imperial one! Otherwise why isn’t he doing everything possible to kill as many as possible from the beginning and to stop their means of gaining their financial strength. Hell our military would be stronger if we gave them 3 to 5 million A DAY. Hell, America would be in better financial shape if we took in 5 million a day, instead of spending 5 million a day on golfing trips, shopping trips, unnecessary vacation trips, taking separate trips. No one disagree that his not entitled to a vacation, but NOT DURING A CRISIS! Seems every time some new crap comes out about some illegal actions that his administration is involved in, he leaves the white house! Has anyone checked out the new FEMA camps? Looks like concentration camps. Noticed how Obama had all his departments buy up all the ammunition from various dealers so the law bidding citizens could not buy any when his gun control antics didn’t work . Notice how he’s not doing anything to make our country self sufficient in energy and fuels, notice how he’s not putting in his 2 worthless cents worth when whites are killed by blacks. Notice how he stays distant from families who lost their sons, brothers, husbands to the murderous Muslim’s, but yet he’ll hold hands and put arms around mother of deserter who was a trade for 5 top terriost, now what the hell is wrong here! but one of our Marines still sits in a jail for making a wrong turn in Mexico, but yet keeps letting in the illegal immigrants coming in through Mexico like our enemies he’s hoping will go undetected. If you don’t see what he’s doing and what he’s planning then those people have got to be as dumb as a rock orrrrr they want to be on his team or keep getting all the free stuff that the citizens are paying for. Ohhhhh and BTW WTH is so damn pressing about the climate change bull crap. Who cares when our country is being ruined and our biggest strength which is our military is getting smaller and smaller which makes us weaker while ISIS is getting bigger and bigger and stronger.
SOMEONE PLEASE help me educated those who prefer to be the 3 monkeys. we need to wake up this sleeping giant the great America before it’s trapped in a Muslim melt down!
That’s my thoughts on things

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