Okay FOX NEWS your on the trail like a hound on a scent! !  Let’s finish cleaning out the house. Cavoto, Hannity, Kelly, Greta,  and The Five. You guys have the right staff that hunts down and captures the document that proves and backs up what you expose about the corruption in the white house. The Watergate is not nearly as bad as what’s going on at The White House today.

These scandals,  IRS ( how dare they ask for another 1.3 billion budget increase) Benghazi. NSA, Fast and Furious,  DOJ, and Obama care. There is MORE corruption going on like Reids interest in the land Bundy families have been grazing on for decades, before the federal government claimed control of the land from the state. Harry and his SON wants to get their greedy fingers on that property.  

Okay now back to the title of this blog. If we are going to lose our position as leader in economic its because of this administration.  Spend, spend, and waste of the tax payers money. IRS with their way too many and wasteful use of the tax payers money, bailouts. Get rid of the IRS as it is today,  go to a flat tax of 10%, no taxes for companies who bring their jobs in China back to the USA, for 10 years and then at a lower rate,  a penalty tax for companies that move jobs out of the USA. Make everything that Americans buy is made in the USA. 

Foreign companies who purchase American companies (I don’t think that should be allowed) or purchase real estate should have to pay an extra “out of country” tax. They should NEVER be allowed to start a business and not have to pay a tax for the first 7 years, or is it 10 years.  No more free ride on the tax payers money for food stamps or financial assistance or free health care with out having to do a random drug screening. Those getting anything from the government need to be drug tested.  So anyone signing up federal assistance at the time of application should be tested and again after assistance has started.  A test should be given every 6 months since hair will show drug use for over 6 months.  It should be a law that any registered voters has a picture ID, no picture ID no voting.  

Did Obama stack the judicial system? Holder would not investigate anything against the president or his club members,  he’s their”get out of jail free” person.  I would have said “token” but it probably be accused of racism.  Funny how the black people are the ones being racist against whites. The knock out games, the killings because they are bored, and most homicide killings are blacks being the aggressor. Most car jacking is by blacks. And they keep the reason for the racism due to the slavery, well they keep forgetting that it was the blacks that brought the blacks from Africa to be sold as slaves.  So in reality the blacks are the reason for slavery.  Has anyone ever consider what would have happened if none had been bought what would their demise have been at the hands of those who brought them over yo America?  Maybe they should consider what that would have been like, maybe they should be grateful that they were bought and given a life where they had a roof over their heads, food in their stomach, clothes on their backs and some where given property.  I would bet those who were bought had a better and longer life than if they stayed in Africa.

 That black man that was put to death for the murder of that 19 year old girl, has been made the victim of a botched lethal injection. Well as far as I’m concerned, he didn’t suffer enough.  Any one on death row should be put to death with some pain involved consider the pain their victims experienced. This bull about these people should not experience any crule or inhuman action when put to death is outrageous. They should experience the fear and pain they inflicted on their victims. If that was the new rule then maybe there would be a fear in those and decide not to commit the crime. And every state should have the death penalty. Eye for an eye! 

I want to know when the GOP decides that they need to play the political game and be as nasty as the democrats. No holds bar on the running for office. The Republicans need to take control, and fight back to let the new number of people who are not trusting the government today. Need to stop all this corruption going on and put America back on top in the strength of the military and economics! 





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I may be wrong, but isn’t there already a law on the books that women get equal pay? This must be another gimmick that he’s using to be viewed as doing something for the women, so why doesnt he have women on his staff in higher positions and making more ? Sounds to me that he’s using this executive order to put down the Republicans and make the party look like women haters, and war on women. The president is playing politics to save the democratic party. I have never seen a president act like Obama does. He is not a president for the American people, he’s all about the Democrats running a bigger government. and doing WHAT HE WANTS YO DO, not what the American people want. The state that our country is in, ie too many people using the government for taking care of them and not wanting to work as long as the tax payers keep supporting them, and paying for THEIR free Obama phone and free food and money to buy alcohol cigarettes etc and their free health care (there’s some who truly need help). You can tell this president does not care about our country, if he did, he wouldn’t spend the hard earned tax payers money on Michelle Obamas shopping sprees, all his golf trips, all the day time and late night shows. Maybe WTP should put together a job description for the position of the president, and he only gets 2 weeks for vacation. That would save the country from the debt ceiling going up faster. We know he likes to spend the tax payers money on bull crap and give to our enemies money and weapons that you know are going to the radical fighters.  I believe that all of that will come back to us in the form of obamas malicious military from the radical Islamic fighters, the muslim brotherhood. Why is there even the slightest hesitation on refusing to allow the terrorist from Iran who held Americans hostage for 444 days. If he is allowed to be a diplomat to the UN and live in Manhattan, that is giving our enemies a front row seat to see what damage they can bring to our country. So Obama has changed the Obama care law yet again. Seems nothing like it was when presented to the American people, and as Cavuto just said it’s starting to infringe on our constitutional rights. Pelosi was part of this unlawful law by saying, ” must pass the bill to see whats in it”. How easy for her and Reid to support it, they dont have to live by it. They are rich enough to pay for any medical needs they may have. Why is the federal government exempt from this horrible law that is breaking down the middle class and forced to have and pay a horrendous premium /deductable, fine, inforced by the  IRS to take our money from our earned refund. There should be a pay freeze and no bonus for any member of Obamas fan club (administration). Anyone in Obama’ s administration who is being investigated for a variety of scandals,  needs to be on UNPAID leave and if they resign to beat having to testify which would probably put eggs on Obama and his administrations face. I bet when everything is FINALLY done on ALL the investigations of ALL THE SCANDELS, you will see Obama, Clinton, Holder, Reid, ,Pelosi, KS, LL, NSA, DOJ, HS, EAP, FEMA, just to name a few will be at the top of the guilty list and all should be fired, recall, impeached.That’s my thought today, if I think of more then I will do a new post. May God bless you and your family, and help us protect ourselves from terriost, both foreign and domestic. Good night all! And God bless American. 

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This is a email response I sent to congressman Randy Forbes letter.

With due respect, I am writing to you in response to the 5 high school students who were not allowed to wear a T-shirt with the American flag on it. After the courts sided with the school and ban the student’s from wearing the flag that many have given their lives to fight for what it stands for, freedom and liberty which those sitting on the benches of our courts and those at the school would not have the freedom and liberty if not for those who gave their lives to protect your rights, freedoms, liberties. Those of another country who want to fly their flag on their day of celebration, should appreciate the fact they get to because this country believes in liberty, and freedom of expression. If the school was in fear of violence breaking out, it would not have been because those students chose to wear their country’s flag, it would have been because those of another country don’t respect what rights that have been given to them because they live in the boundaries of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Not Mexico. And fir them to have the right to fly their flag in our country and we are NOT ALLOWED to display ourflag on a T-shirt is bull crap in the highest pile imaginable. How dare thst school and court system deface our nation by banning the students from displaying AMERICAN FLAG on a shirt. The school should have told the Mexican ethnic groups that they are given the opportunity to display their flag on that day and understand that no violence will be tolerated, that the school will press charges against anyone who invokes voilance. I am so angry that foreigners and atheist can dictate on how we honor our country, religious beliefs, and constitutional rights . The fix to such issues is, this is America who live by the laws (except Obama and administration)of the land and rights given to us by our forefathers who must have known that we would need protection from Obama. You and the rest of the Republican party need to stand strong and not bend to the whims of those out to destroy this country, that means time to kick some ass, take names,deport, impeach, fire, ignore the atheist bitching about our right to express our religious beliefs and celebrate our Christmas the way we want. They too have rights, they can dislike our Christmas and our display of our religious beliefs all they want, they don’t have to say merry Christmas, they don’t have to display a Christmas tree, they don’t seem to mind having the times off from school and wotk because of our national holiday, some even take home holiday pay if they work and some get automatic holiday pay even if they aren’t at work so what are they bitching about! They dont mind the benefits that come with celebration of Christmas. So next time they want to complain, we need to hold up our hands in their faces and tell them “talk to the hand, I’m not listening to your bitching any more” end of story! I don’t like the IRS, they are criminals and steal from the taxpayers. They give themselves too much of our money to waste on the crap they claim is team building. Hell there are many family who can’t pay all their bills, put food on the table for the family, make the house payment on time if an unexpected expenses come up, like car repairs so they can keep going to work to pay more taxes, and still not get ahead. Those at the IRS can waste our money, give themselves raises and bonuses, while the rest of the shrinking middle class gets further behind because now their hours are cut and they are forced to pay for some crappie health care they didn’t want nor need, and for many not as good as what was taken away and could afford and covered what was right for them! Now getall of the Republicans together and take our country back before another revolutionary war takes place. If the Republican party does not stand up for WTP who voted you into office and you work for us, you will be fired! Now step up and take action on stopping all this bull crap that Obama and his administration is forced on to the American people and all those who do not belong here taking jobs from Americans, don’t pay taxes, they need to be deported, our veterans deserve better care and better benefits than those idiots running this country into the ground and putting us in danger from our enemies, and silence the complaints from the atheist groups. 

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The plans of the President on DESTRUCTION of our country

watched the fox news coverage on Obamas speech at Brussels Belgium. Now what I got out of what he said was a bunch of bull crap. When he said that the government was taking from their people, wellll isn’t that what Obama and his cronies are doing here? TAKING FROM WTP!I also caught in his overtone that he’s not going to do anything about Russia . Remember during the campaign he was heard saying”WHEN (not if) I’m re-elected tell Putin I will have more flexibility”. My jaw dropped when he said ” my grandfather fought in
Pattons army” OMG how is that possible when they are from Kenya. Someone please verify if that is another one of his bull crap lies. Just like I still don’t believe he’s an American. Now I just heard him say “as the son of a Kenyon his grandfather was a cook in the British army” he also made reference that he lived in Indonesia so really where did Obama come from? John Bolton said Obama lives in a world of words Putin lives by strength. Yep Putin has a stronger and bigger military than we do with all the cuts Obama has/is doing, which in my opinion is not a good idea for our country. Hey! REMEMBER when Romney said Russia would be our problem and Obama said in a rather nasty tune that he was wrong.

Okay here’s another day of lies from Capitol Hill. Morell is either dumb as a rock or lying to Congress. He should be in jail along with Holder for lying to Congress that both subjects involved the deaths of Americans. He is throwing the analyst under the bus. Now how in the world with such a horrible and obvious attack and the murders of the 4 brave men, he didn’t talk with anyone in the WH about the talking points. Based on emails from the ambassador in June, July, Aug his fear of an attack on the anniversary of 9/11 and they have OBSERVED the enemy of casing their base and feared a attack, asked for additional security. Hillary denied the additional security. I believe that she even took away some of the security they had in Aug or July. When the British pulled out ALL of their people, that was a clear sign of fear of more attacks. That should have been a clear sign to pull out or add more security. This was a political move by Clinton and Obama. It has been proven that these 4 men could have been saved. This is a Hugh cover up. Morell repeatedly says the analyst is at fault. Someone please tell me how in the hell this keeps going without anyone being held responsible for these deaths, both foreign and from the White House administration. It is plain and clear this was an attack not a demonstration, and where in the hell was Clinton and Obama when this went on for HOURS and help WAS TOLD to STAND DOWN, and the generals who were fired on the spot for wanting to go help and refused to STAND DOWN? WHY HASN’T the generals been questions. Morell is showing how poorly he was a director of the CIA especially when he wasn’t looking backwards (Sept 14th) on Benghazi but looking forward. Why 12 revisions on the talking points. By what I’m hearing from Morell is there is a Big coverup from state department, NSA, FBI, CIA !!!!!
THE INTEL CMTE did not get tough enough. There could have been tougher questions. The state department is guilty of the murders of the four brave men . They did not have to die! I think it is despicable that Clinton and Obama had the nerve to apologies to Muslims and the Islamic for the”video” that caused the protest, and those trips to apologize where at the cost to the American people. Funny how all these people involved in these scandals have retired and got a better paying job, just like Morell, his new job pays him substantially more money and Hillary is tied to the company he works for. Is anyone following the money/paper trail of the company who the C.O.O. IS a close friend of Michelle Obama. The outrageous amount that the taxpayers paid for a website that never and still is not working totally. If amazon can build a website that handles millions in a day why didn’t Obama pick that website developers for Obama care. It would have worked the first time and be secured and criminals wouldn’t need to be hired to be navigators. We need a team that would be dedicated to uncovering ALL the scandals and bring to light who the guilty parties are and justice will be done to those who caused the deaths of the Americans. And make our military strong and feared again, not weak and small as Obama has made this country. WE NEED TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

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who’s Racist ?

I don’t know about the general population, but I do know I’m not racist.  There are many very intelligent people who worked hard to accomplish the best life possible for them and their families. There are many people who will help anyone who truly needs help. There are many people who dress well and care about their appearance.  There are many families where both parents are together and take an interest in what their children do at school , home and activities. These children with strong family ties and constant interactive with family members are generally the good students, and not part of juvenile delinquents, gangs, and ends up in trouble with the law.

I hope you all have noticed that in what I described above does not mention race, ethnicity, color, age, no indication of racist right. Then why is it just because a person is of color and its brought to public, actions of those people,  all of a sudden it’s racist and the ones who want to make a big stink and cry racist are generally those of color. You have every color, ethnic group in the category of well-educated, doing well financially, and are very kind people, on the other hand you have the bad, the Rebellious,and the juvenile delinquent, gangs, also of color and all ethnic groups. So why does it seem to happen that when a person of color is caught for the bad things they have done and makes the news the white people are called racist. When a white person is caught for bad things and makes the news and the act against people of color, they are labeled racist,  and leaders of the colored communities like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, make a public announcement of their disapproval and call it a racist act, and in the same breath they blame the “white folks” for being racist.  But when people of color, attack, kill, a white person in cold blood, because they were bored!  Why aren’t the people who are first to yell racist, when the bad is of their color,  step up and criticize those and get on the real problem, it’s the break up of the family and lack of parenting regardless of color . They should be able to express displeasure of the action of the person regardless of color. Everyone should be concerned about the people who are from a broken family, no parenting/discipline at home, those are kids at risk who grow up and really are a problem to society, again regardless of color.  But it seems those of color and in public view like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson don’t show public displeasure when blacks do harm to whites, never seem to hear from them then. Even Obama and Holder got in on the Zimmerman and Martin case.  Obama with his statement”he could have been my son, or me when I was younger” and Sharpton, Jackson fuel the flames of racism and protests . Okay then, where were those 3 men when a white college student was murdered when he was jogging, the baby shot in the head right in front of the mother, the WWII vet beat to death while he was waiting to give a friend a ride the knock out game is usually blacks knocking out whites, but nothing being said against these actions by Obama (guess none of these could be his son, or like him), not a word from Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Why aren’t those 3 public speakers saying anything? Why aren’t these three men trying to convince the music industry to not do songs suggesting sex, drugs, murder, what about those video games that are about gangs, death, sex, why are they not trying to get just to mention those 2 major forms of brainwashing our young and giving them the vision of things to do, like in numerous games like Grand Theft Auto, which shows killing, stealing, ,which is going against the ten commandments. Why are some/most the people of color still bitching about slavery? Did they forget who rounded them up in Africa, hauled their asses over the seas, bringing them to USA and SOLD THEM INTO SLAVERY, the whites didn’t do that, the whites didn’t sell them into slavery, the whites didn’t separate the families, their own kind did. A lot of those who were bought by the plantation owners, lived better than they did in Africa, a lot of those bought from the slave sellers, ended up with properties GIVEN TO them. When slavery was abolished, who did that, a white person, not one of their own color, so with all that being said, STOP WITH PULLING THE RACIST CARD WHEN THINGS AREN’T GOING YOUR WAY! AND STOP WITH THIS CRAP that you think the whites OWE you something and needs to pay for what happened in another lifetime. I don’t believe that there is a living slave alive today, so I don’t owe you a thing, neither did my parents or my grand parents, and if you, people of color still hold century of grudges, get over it, and make you life better not bitter.and the disapproval of Obama IS NOT BECAUSE HE’S BLACK! It’s because he’s a terrible person for the position of presidency, look at all that he’s done against WTP and our country. Now does that answer the question on who’s racist?

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I know it’s not on the calendar today, but every day SHOULD BE celebrated as veterans day. We should not allow Obama and his cronies disrespect the men and women who served and gave their all and as it is said ” some gave their lives”. This government wants to take away from those who have survived, and those who lost their love one’s to a war. Not just this god forsaken war but all the wars this great nation has been in for the freedom and liberties of those who were and are here at home. The humanity that we have shared and tried to bestow on other countries that needed help and protection from their enemies, we sacrificed our soldiers to protect the lives of others. This government should be giving back to the military more than any damn stupid idiotic unnecessary wasteful and servers no purpose to our safety and protection from OUR enemies. When the radical Islamic, Muslim brotherhood, taliban, show up on our front door (since government doesn’t think protecting our boarders is important) we might as well invite them in for dinner since Obama has stripped our military down to almost nothing. We no longer have the military strength we once had, we should all be mad as hell at Obama and his cronies who agree with him to make major cut backs in the numbers of our soldiers and the equipment needed to fight for OUR FREEDOM AND LIBERTIES HERE AT HOME and the budget that supports our mmilitary needs. The military service is very important to us personally and our country and they deserve the same privileges and pay as those idiots who wants to take it away from them. Obama and his crew of idiots who are safe and free today should be grateful for those who serve to protect them. In fact Obama and his crew of idiots WORK FOR US AND THOSE SOLDIERS WHO PUT THEIR LIFE ON THE LINE FOR US EVERY DAY, they need to GET OUT of office and stand on the unemployment lines, (can’t find job cause the illegal immigrants and China have the jobs) they should go without, they should lose their houses they should be cold because they can’t afford heat and they should go hungry because they can’t afford food and no they don’t get food stamps or free cell phones and free health care, they need to feel the way of life Obama and his idiots created for the middle class who have been carrying the financial load of government wasteful spending. If Obama REALLY cared for the people HE WORKS FOR, he should be the first to cut back on his and Michelle Obama’s vacations and his stupid appearances on tv talk shows. He wastes more of the taxpayers money than the IRS’ S “TEAM TRAINING CONFERENCES” and no one in government should receive pay raises or bonuses at all ! we need to stop Obama from destroying our country, just proves he’s not really an AMERICAN. Our military should have in their budget all the money Obama and his team of idiots have wasted, and given away to our enemies. Then our country would be the biggest the best if the best in the world. WTP want to take our country back!

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I had to call my credit card company about two charges from the same company, same date, same amount, and I never received any procuct, nor did I order or complete any order for that company. well to make a long story as you know by now, I can tell some long ones, but when I called to dispute thoses items since I was unable to do the dispute online as it says you can. when I called after many buttons pushed on my phone keypad, I get to a human, of course I could not understand clearly what he was saying.  with the diffuculty of understanding him clearly, I asked where he was located, yep not here in the USA, but in Indonesia.  wonder if those large corporations would pay to send US citizens to Indonesia to cover the calling center, and of course the pay would be the same as you pay the locals I would guess a cost of living amount.  Did you notice that generally it is men who answer the phone.
Since NY is offering businesses 10 years of no taxes if they open, expands, or relocate, then why can’t the government tell the businesses that have their manufacturing and call centers to bring the jobs back to the USA that they will get a huge tax break that would off set the wage difference. That would bring back the pride of “made in America” and our unemployment rate would really drop, less people on government welfare, more money going back into the economy because more people are working and earing a “paycheck” not a welfare check. Change our tax structure to a flat tax, so you’ll see the”rich” will be paying their fair share. Flat tax of 10% to everyone. No more need for the IRS and their wasteful spending and undeserved bonus. None of the taxpayers money goes to any other country unless WTP vote it to be, plus do a pay cut on all the athletes that are getting more than a million a year. They are not first responders putting their lives on the line like our military warriors should get paid ALOT more than these people who go play a game. Not to take away from the hard work the athletes do but they are not protecting anyone with the sacrifice of their lives so you and I can live freely. You know some people have more money than they could/should spend in a lifetime, maybe there should be a”pot” that all that overkill in pay goes to, to help feed Americans all over the USA and cover the health cost for those who have a cure able disease. Yoo hoo the power
came back on.

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